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Man, I think this one of the most eventful year I’ve had in a long, long time. This overview of my year might be all over the place bouncing to irl stuff n Newgrounds.

I am so damn grateful for Newgrounds existence n coming into my life. If it weren’t for that Funky game, I’d probably still have bad art block n characters in a white void canvas lol. I feel like bc of Newgrounds, I definitely draw more than I did n experiment a little more; especially with my more recent pieces doing different kinds of designs. I used to be so intimidated of shading and background, but seeing all these artists create amazing pieces with the latter inspired me to come outta my shell n jus overcome that fear. Because of that, my stuff pops out more. Glad I’m out of the habit of drawing characters on plain-looking backgrounds. I still can’t believe I got 4 front pages this year!!! I never would’ve guessed I’d get more than one after the Tankman action figure. Also, I appreciate all of you that I see that frequently favorite n comment, it means the world to me :’) I see you fellas. You guys make some awesome stuff. I definitely want to draw more Newgrounds stuff next year bc it makes me happy!! Maybe even make a mascot for my account.

I made a lot of great memories with so many amazing friends. I used to be a homebody before my friends came into my life last December. At first, it was a little weird doing something outside of going to classes. Our hangouts usually worked out on Tuesday’s for our schedule so we decided to have every Tuesday or every other Tuesday our hangout day. I never really had that sort of feeling of like something to look forward aside from like “oh man I can’t to be finished with the school week” but idek if that sorta thing counts. Also made a lotta cool online friends too! Not only that, but I met them in real life!! I’m still not over the fact that my first time smoking weed was with these guys lol lol bc of them tho it got me back into playing online games, well more specifically playing games with friends bc for awhile I used to jus play by myself. It’s nice having a group of online friends I can be comfortable being myself around again :’)

i can’t wait to see what next year brings for me. I hope you all have an awesome new years tonight. I’m boutta go make mix Baja Blast with some Vodka. iu_854808_8750370.jpg


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